Who We Are

Our volunteers are passionate and committed. Helping kids grow and succeed is at the heart of everything we do. Here are our current members (last updated November 2018).

President: Todd Humphrey

President Elect: Austin Kahler

Secretary: Cary Anderson

Treasurer: Marv Miller

Membership Growth & I-Plan Chairperson: Neuley Kienzle


Board of Directors:

Dwight C. Cook

James A. Froelich

Tyler Gerhardt

Lisa Liken-Monroe

Diane Lillis

Carol Nitschke

Darlene VanderVorste



Anna R. Anderson

Barbara Bakken

Shirley Beechie

Jace S. Beehler

Mike Bitz

Warren Buehler

Josh Carter

Deb Dozier

Donald Engbrecht

Jeff Fastnacht

Al E. Fitterer

John R. Gerding

Candace Hanson

John E. Hermanson

Cole Higlin

Jameson Kautzman

Chelsey L. Legg

Jeff Lind

Wade Meschke

Jessica Riveland

William J. Robinson

Karen Rohr

Jamie Stephens

Magdalena M. Thilmony

Wilfred Volesky

Mark Wiest

Melissa Yackley

Jason Zeigler